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TRIFAMOT Famotidine 40mg and 20mg

TRIFAMOT – Heartburn Relief Single Tablet Convenience Famotidine 40mg and 20mg Variants Prevents & Relieves Heartburn Effective for Acid Indigestion Complies with USP Specifications Easy Dosage – Just One Tablet Versatile: Suitable for Preventive or Immediate Use Simplified Solution for Digestive Comfort


TRIFAMOT – Your Single-Tablet Solution for Heartburn Relief

Famotidine 40mg and 20mg

Key Features:

Convenience in a Single Tablet: TRIFAMOT simplifies heartburn relief with just one tablet, making it easy to manage acid indigestion.

Preventive and Immediate Action: Whether you’re seeking preventive care or immediate relief, TRIFAMOT is designed to address both aspects of heartburn due to acid indigestion.


Each capsule contains a precisely measured dose of Famotidine, ensuring consistent and effective relief. TRIFAMOT complies with the rigorous specifications outlined by the United States Pharmacopeia (USP).
Available Strengths:

Choose the strength that matches your needs – TRIFAMOT is available in both 40mg and 20mg variants, providing flexibility in dosage.
Dosage Guidelines:

Take just one tablet as directed for prompt and efficient relief from heartburn.
Discover Relief with TRIFAMOT:

Experience the power of Famotidine in a convenient single tablet. TRIFAMOT offers a reliable solution for preventing and relieving heartburn due to acid indigestion.


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