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TriFoxim Moxifloxacin as HCL (USP Specification) 400mg


TriFoxim – Efficient Bacterial Infection Solution 1×5 Film Coated Tablets | 400mg Moxifloxacin as HCL (USP Specification) Trusted Subsidiary of Trillium Canada Ltd. Compact and Precise Dosage Management Potent Antibiotic Strength in Each Tablet Complies with USP Specifications for Quality Assurance Guided by Healthcare Professional Recommendations Swift and Effective Treatment in a Trusted Formulation Convenience…

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TriFoxim – Precision in Every Tablet

1×5 Film Coated Tablets | 400mg

Subsidiary of Trillium Canada Ltd.

Key Features:

Efficiency in a Compact Package: TriFoxim offers a precise and efficient solution with its 1×5 film-coated tablets, ensuring ease of use and dosage management.

Powerful Dosage: Each tablet packs 400mg of Moxifloxacin as HCL, providing a potent and targeted approach to bacterial infections.

Trusted Manufacturer: TriFoxim is a product of a Subsidiary of Trillium Canada Ltd., a name synonymous with pharmaceutical excellence.


Each tablet contains Moxifloxacin as HCL, meticulously crafted to comply with the stringent specifications outlined by the United States Pharmacopeia (USP).
Dosage Guidelines:

Follow the prescribed dosage instructions provided by your healthcare professional for optimal and effective treatment.
Compact Yet Comprehensive:

TriFoxim, in its 1×5 film-coated tablet format, encapsulates the strength of 400mg Moxifloxacin as HCL, offering a compact yet comprehensive solution for bacterial infections.


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