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TRIMOSE TRIMOSE IRON (1) Hydroxide Polymaltose Complex

TRIMOSE – Chewable Iron Support IRON (1) Hydroxide Polymaltose Complex – 100mg 2×10 Chewable Tablets for Convenient Dosage Effective Elemental Iron Source Palatable Solution for Nutritional Well-being Designed for Easy Absorption A Tasteful Way to Boost Iron Levels Nourishment in Every Chew Convenient and Enjoyable Iron Supplementation


TRIMOSE – Chewable Iron Support

IRON (1) Hydroxide Polymaltose Complex Eq to Elemental Iron – 100mg

2×10 Chewable Tablets

Key Features:

Chewable Convenience: TRIMOSE provides a convenient way to supplement your iron intake with 2×10 chewable tablets, offering an easy and palatable solution.

Nutritional Support: Each tablet contains 100mg of IRON (1) Hydroxide Polymaltose Complex, delivering a potent dose of elemental iron for nutritional well-being.


TRIMOSE’s formula is centered around IRON (1) Hydroxide Polymaltose Complex, ensuring an effective and easily absorbed source of elemental iron.
Dosage Format:

Packaged for convenience in 2×10 chewable tablets, TRIMOSE allows for flexible and manageable dosing.
Chew Your Way to Iron Wellness:

TRIMOSE combines the essential benefits of IRON (1) Hydroxide Polymaltose Complex with the ease and enjoyment of chewable tablets, making iron supplementation a tasteful experience.


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